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All day & evening we are cooking

Our chef Ali-Sersy composes dishes inspired by fresh market ingredients.

Al-Sersy trained with the Roux brothers at Le Gavroche.

Our menu pulls influences from all over the Mediterranean & the Aegean & is a novel take on modern European cuisine.

Well worth the wait ….

Dinner & Jazz evenings …. private events & Catering

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Sample Day menu May 2017  – Please see further down for Sample Evening Menu


Fresh orange juice, fresh carrot juice 3.50


Pastries  1.50

Fresh fruits & yoghurt   4.50

Scrambled eggs with roasted tomato  7.00

Poached eggs, roasted tomato, mushroom, spinach    7.00

Omelette: cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion, spinach 7.00

Shakshouka: eggs, courgette, onion, tomato sauce, cumin   7.50



Pied de mouton risotto, smoked butter, truffle oil, steamed quail eggs, chanterelle powder 6.50

Spinach & cream cheese pancakes   6.50

Creamed cauliflower, blueberry leaves broth, creamed beetroot soup   6.50

Roasted goat’s cheese & grilled courgette salad  6.50

Torched, lightly smoked rainbow trout, portobello mushroom, smoked almond cream & sage butter  6.50



Barbequed vegetarian burger, cheese, fried onions, mayonnaise, chips   9.00

Open ravioli of salt baked celeriac, wild mushrooms, celeriac jus, truffle oil  (gluten free) 9.00

Roasted butternut squash, Jerusalem artichokes, smoked almond cream, celeriac jus  13.00

Roasted cauliflower, kofta, cauliflower couscous with quinoa & chia seeds, curry essence  13.00

Steamed hake, pressed potatoes, grilled courgette, tomato water, lemon thyme  13.00

Fish & chips  14.00

Plaice, roasted romaine lettuce, roasted carrots, latka roulade  16.50

Roasted sea bass, pak choi and crispy potatoes 16.50

Salmon tandoori, spinach & smoked mashed potato  16.50



Mezze salads  (2.50 each)


Carrots, cumin, garlic, coriander

Green beans, tomato, spinach leaves salad

Flamed broccoli, chilli, garlic, coriander

Roasted new potatoes, rosemary, garlic



Bread & butter pudding   6.50

Courgette, blueberry & almond financier   6.50

Lemon & orange sorbet   6.50

Chocolate assortment   6.50

Tarte tatin   7.50

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Sample Dinner Menu  





Fresh juices: Orange, carrot 3.50


Trout, green mango powder, cipollini onion, portobello mushroom, horseradish infused buttermilk  6.50

Kohlrabi, pied de mutton risotto, truffle oil, smoked buttermilk  6.50

Cappuccino of barbequed sweet potato soup, coconut with lime & fig leaf broth  6.50

Fresh water wild bream sausage, borlotti beans, swiss chard    6.50

Spinach & cream cheese pancakes  6.50

Kohlabi, pied de mutton risotto, truffle oil, smoked buttermilk  6.50


Barbequed vegetarian burger, halloumi cheese, fried onions, baba ghanoush, chips   9.00

Onion tart, wild mushrooms, new potatoes   9.00

Pan roasted mackerel, portobello mushrooms, tomato water, oregano, lemon thyme,

mashed potato  10.50

Salt baked celeriac, rolled pasta, chanterelles, salsify   10.50

Seared tuna, grilled courgette salad  10.50

Butternut squash, coconut, chilli, lemon grass, rice noodles, almonds with blueberry &  physalis   13.00

Roasted cauliflower, buckwheat, barbequed Jerusalem artichokes, kofta, curry essence 13.00

Fish & chips   14.00

Salmon tandoori, stewed courgette with red pepper paste, smoked mashed potato  16.50

Roasted plaice, green beans, roasted carrots, latka roulade  16.50

Pan roasted cod, spinach, pressed potato chips  17.50


Bread & butter pudding   6.50

Blueberry sorbet   6.50

Chocolate assortment   6.50

Fruit & almond financier   6.50

Tarte tatin   7.50